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Ingots Titanium

Ingots Titanium

Titanium ingots

Grade:GR1,GR2,GR3,GR4,GR5(Ti6Al4V),GR7,GR9(Ti3Al2.5V),Gr12 GR23 Eli,Ti6Al2Sn4Zr2Mo

Specs.: twice melted by V.A.R., machined cut off the extremes of ingots,

Dia. 460(+/-20)mm, weight 1.0~1.4tons each,

Dia. 530(+/-20)mm, weight 1.4~1.9tons each,Dia.620(+/-20)mm, weight 2.8-3.2ton each

Delivery time: 30days after receipt of deposit

Packing: Fixed on the steel pallet with the gunny bag

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Commodity ingots

Commodity ingots without fail are exposed to the ultrasonic test and the chemical analysis.

Ingots are made by means of double or triple VAR. Uniformity of a chemical compound on volume of an ingot is guaranteed by technology of reception of spent electrodes a method of portion pressing which is not having analogues in world titanium manufacture. Ingots are exposed to machining of a surface.

After partial machining, ingots pass the ultrasonic test.

Titanium melting operations using Electron Beam and Vaccum Arc Remelting techniques in a variety of compositions for a variety of industries.

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